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I want to know about your existence. :D 
Don't really like anonymous and empty lj journals to be adding me. 
But don't worry, i won't bite ^^
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NEWS LIVE ALBUM : 2人/130000000の奇跡    

I was so so so so happy to see their new album and I really missed them singing together.  
Was listening to the album and I don't know why but this song really caught my attention, so i read the lyrics and translated it to the best I could. If you spot any mistakes, please do correct me! Will move on to other songs if no one else is translating :)

Red= Yamapi
Blue= Ryo
Yellow= Massu
Pink= Tegoshi
Green= Shige
Purple= Kei-chan
Grey= All together

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or is it not surprising anymore since i am always not updating... HAHAHA.
But anyway thank you so much for your birthday wishes! to pple who left messages to me, commented on posts, i am truly touched. ♥

Life has been hectic recently, because yes it is that season again, the one that leaves you gasping for air and you have to try your hardest to prevent yourself from pulling out all your hair, the season whereby project deadlines and exam dates come together to form a eclipse and leaves my world with no light

not that srs, but i am truly pretty busy these days, and i do hope i will pull through this sem. -crosses fingers-

Had a birthday picnic sort of thing with my beloved group of friends, and it was fun though the weather was scorching->cooling->scorching
->cooling but ahh, thats the way Singapore is anyway.

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Anyway, prom/graduation night was this week too.. was it? it seems far away, i wonder why. haha!
i have graduated from PLLLLL :( i have graduated from pl and the next time i see my schoolmates again would be the release of o level results.
prom was okay, the company made it all good esp with candice ho beside me adjusting her bra strap throughout the whole dinner(loser) haha! sok looked extremely pretty :) time to change to contacts sok! actually alot of people looked gorgeous that night. hehe. the funny thing is, the fact that i have graduated and that prom is ALREADY OVER CANT SEEM TO SINK INTO MY HEAD.
i am going to upload some of the pics i have in my cam.. because the rest are with other people.. so i will just make do with whatever i have :D
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Okay so sec four farewell was just ytd. the sweet juniors made us a trophy and photoframe... plus a flower and said their speeches to us which made me cry a river :(
i dont want to leave the team..the court was the only place that i felt real victory in. i am going to miss each and everyone in PLBT. seriously. :'(
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